Saturday midday

Now that Shadow has some of her appetite back we have found a partial solution to getting her in with the puppies. My Mistress can get her as far as getting in and sitting down by offering her a favourite dog treat. She gets up again after she’s eaten it but it’s a start.

An Awkward Position to Eat

The puppies have all reached 1.5kg. They are all now nice little chunky teddy bears just happy to be cuddled. Beethoven just made the 1.5kg mark having added 60g, Boadicea says she like the puppy mush and added a very impressive 90g to make 1540g. Bumble had a slightly slower day and added 40g to reach 560g but not as slow as Bossanova who only added 20g to reach 1600g. Way out in front, working on being a Great Swiss, Britannia added 70g to make 1650g. It will all even out over time and once they move to puppy mush more fully you know they all get a fair chance.

The move round starts today. It’s all very complicated. There’s a chair where the second pen needs to go. There’s a fridge and a freezer where the chair needs to go. There’s a second pen where the fridge and the freezer need to go. None of that is helped by the fact that the fridge needs defrosting and the freezer is full. First the big armchair needs to move, which is a shame as I have enjoyed having it in the office. It’s been my favourite since puppyhood. Then the second pen needs to move – although the chair will be standing somewhere in the way by that point. You get the general picture. After that my Mistress will finish disinfecting the new pen, not that it’s dirty, but it’s better to be safe. Then it’s toy attachment time and newspaper laying. That will be all for today. Tomorrow will be the final stage of puppy and camera moving and hoping we can do it quickly enough so the camera doesn’t go offline. You should find the puppies in their new surroundings and available to view from around midday tomorrow or earlier if it all goes smoothly.

You can watch the puppies at

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

Alfie’s Diary – the Book is available at Amazon UK –

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  1. Sheila and Mark Leighton says:

    The puppies all look plump and cuddly. It is lovely to see them up on their feet and moving around and having a little time with Shadow. We hope she is feeling better.
    Well done to you all for looking after them so well. Cannot wait to see them in their pen tomorrow and hopefully being able to pick them all out and put a name to each of them. My Christmas preparations are all behind as I spend time watching the web cam. Love to you all, Sheila and Mark.

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