Monday 10th December 2012 – Not going well

If you were watching the puppy cam yesterday you will already realise things are not quite normal in the little puppy house. Shadow is really poorly. She had to go to the vet yesterday lunchtime and have a couple of injections including a painkiller. As a result she wasn’t allowed to feed the puppies until the effects had worn off. All that meant that not only was poor Shadow not well but my Mistress had to try to feed the puppies. They were all a bit upset by the move to the big new pen and as a result were more sleepy, so they didn’t wake up for meals when my Mistress expected and then she got very stressed because she was worried they really hadn’t had enough food. It’s really hard as they don’t like the formula milk and they aren’t completely ready for eating puppy gruel and certainly aren’t ready to eat it on their own. Last year’s litter were more than happy to tuck in by this stage, so my Mistress could put a couple of bowls down and let them clear them. It isn’t working like that yet and they will only take it from my Mistress’s fingers or from her hand. By the end of the day her clothes were completely covered in it. She concluded she may as well sleep in her clothes or her pyjamas were going to be covered in it too and of course she would be on camera overnight in her pyjamas feeding the puppies. Given that by hand she can only feed one at once it could be a very very long night.

All of that has taken the edge of the excitement about the pen. We are just praying that this morning Shadow will be ready to start eating. Otherwise she may have to go and stay at the vets for a day or two and that will create even bigger problems for my Mistress. One of the important things is going to be when we weigh the puppies later, making sure we have at the least managed to keep their weights stable. My Mistress is looking very worried.

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