Wednesday midday – pink sticky mess

If you were watching the puppy cam this morning and saw the puppies with pink round their faces, do not be alarmed. That was the wormer and they weren’t as keen to swallow it all as you would hope. Beethoven managed to spit his all over my Mistress, but she thinks she managed to get enough inside him for it to be effective. As you will realise if you’ve been reading, the wormer is good news. It means that my Mistress is happy enough with the progress the puppies are making to risk they may lose a little weight by being wormed. I think when you hear what I’ve got to tell you about their weights, you will realise that Shadow must have been struggling to give them enough food for the whole week that she was ill before they started on their gruel and hand feeding. It would also explain why this year’s puppies have been slower to run around and play, as they weren’t so strong. They are starting to make up for it and beginning to play with each other and their toys.

12th DecemberTheir little teeth are coming through so it really is time they started chewing their toys rather than each other. There was only one night feed, which would have been good news if it hadn’t taken so long and if Tucker (Bossanova) hadn’t howled for half an hour when we did all get back to bed. He’d certainly had enough to eat, so he was either trying his lungs out or just being difficult!

So the all-important weights. Britannia gained 160g to reach 2040g. Bumble and Tucker now weigh 1990g having added 230g and 160g to get there. It can be hard to tell the pair of them apart at the best of times and you often find my Mistress counting the number of toes on their back feet to check who she’s got. Beethoven and Boadicea both weigh 1850g having added 160g and 170g respectively. When you think that only a couple of days ago we were relieved with a weight gain of 50g you can really see the difference. It also means that mealtimes are now more spaced out. Today we are trying to get them to 3 ½ hour feed intervals. It should mean they are fed this afternoon at 2.45pm GMT and then 6.15pm and 9.45pm if you want to try to watch what happens. We can’t promise it will be then. It does depend if they start to cry because they’re hungry before we get to those times.

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