Thursday 13th December 2012 – Dressing up as Santa

Will I dress up as Santa? I ask you, what sort of question is that. Yes I know it will be the puppies first Christmas but does she really expect me to go along with the idea? I said she could do it and she said she might just do that.

12 Dec sleepingThe puppies seem to be doing really well now they are getting a helping hand. It’s a shame we didn’t start feeding them a few days earlier but we just hadn’t realised how hard Shadow was finding it. What is incredible is just how much the waste output has increased as a result of the changes. Shadow is still doing some clearing up after them at meal times, but she doesn’t stay in with them long enough to do very much. To be honest it is proving a struggle to get her to go in with them at all.

The first parcel for the puppies has arrived. New owners are asked to provide something with their scent on so that their puppy can get used to it before it moves to live with them. That way when it does mean the smell is already familiar and they settle more quickly. The package is for Tucker from Tino the rabbit. As soon as it arrived I wanted to open it, but it has been made very clear to me that the package is not for me and I am to leave it alone. You won’t see on camera, but there will be times when Tucker is not in the main pen, when he’s sleeping nestled up to the presents from Tino in the other pen we’ve got. He’ll get a little time each day if things go to plan. Later on, when Tino’s smell is familiar and has worn off the item, it will gain the smells of his mother and brothers and sisters so that when he leaves he will take something of them with him too. It’s funny to think we are already nearly half way through the time the puppies will spend with us. Boadicea will be here longer, so it won’t be quite such a wrench when they leave. I’ve been asked to supervise her training, which is a huge responsibility, but I’m up for the challenge.

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