Thursday Midday – Teething

You know what babies are like when they’re teething, well the puppies are a little like that now. Every so often one of them will simply sit and howl. It’s not so bad when they do it during the day, but at night time it is particularly annoying. My Mistress would also sleep a lot better if it weren’t for having to keep a light on for the camera. She is seriously thinking of going back to her own bed or having a mattress in a different room downstairs so she could sort them out without disturbing anyone while hearing them through the baby monitor. We had to do two night feeds last night, although to be fair the second one was at 6.30 this morning so only felt like night. We didn’t actually go back to bed. Today we are hoping the puppies will be fed every 3 ½ hours again, so this afternoon you should see them at 1.15, 4.45 and 8.15. The last one is a bit early to have a hope of a full night’s sleep, but then tomorrow we are going to try for getting them into a proper routine of 4 hourly at the same time each day and with only one night feed or hoping that they will start to sleep through. It is likely the feed times will be 7,11,3,7 and 11 and then whenever they wake up in the night.

The weights are good, despite the worming. Now that there is plenty of food the others are catching up with Britannia. Bumble is now in the lead he added 150g to reach 2140g. Tucker (Bossanova) is next at 2100g having added 110g. Britannia has dropped to third place. She only added 50g to reach 2090g. Beethoven is catching up. He added 130g to reach 1980g and last but by no means least, is our beautiful little Boadicea who added 90g to reach 1940g. The exciting thing, watching Boadicea, Is that this morning she completely got the idea of tucking into breakfast which means that tomorrow we might start adding some baby food into the mix. It also means at mealtimes my Mistress doesn’t have to sit down with them and help them, which is great news as it reduces the chance of her sitting in puppy pee, which was never a pleasant experience.

The other good thing is that today, for the first time, Shadow has some of her bounce back. At last we think she is starting to feel better.

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