Friday 14th December 2012 – Dear Puppies Our Mistress is Tired

Please could you all sleep through the night, just for once? It’s ok she knows you aren’t quite ready for that, but as an alternative could the other household dogs all support the idea of a bit of a lie in. I’m always compliant on that front, but for some reason the others all seem to want to get up.

Bossanova 13th DecTucker (Bossanova) had his first time with the things from his new home today. He totally ignored the flannel from Tino the rabbit, which is probably a good thing. Beethoven reminds my Mistress more of Aristotle every day. They have some of the same mannerisms. He’s really funny to watch. I think he’s going to be another thinking dog. I can’t work out how Shadow manages to have such intelligent children. Shadow is definitely improving. She has been wanting to play a little bit again. My Mistress says if Shadow and I are really good today she will take us out for a game of ball. I’m definitely up for that idea.

Megan went for a lovely walk in the freezing fog yesterday. She said it would have been easy to lose my Mistress it was so thick where they were. Of course as both Megan and my Mistress know their way home I don’t think either of them would have got very lost.

Aristotle went swimming. He was no keener than usual, but did swim quite well when made to. He thought he was getting a break until the new year, but it turns out they have a spare slot for him next week as well.

The other good thing is that today, for the first time, Shadow has some of her bounce back. At last we think she is starting to feel better.

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