Saturday midday – He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother

Having taken two of us to hold poor Shadow down so the puppies could feed yesterday, Shadow now feels a little easier and was prepared to feed the puppies in the night and this morning with only my Mistress holding her collar for a while. The puppies have also got into a routine of waking up to be fed at 3.30am, which has its good and bad points. They are now going to roughly 4 hourly feeds, so this afternoon will be around 2, 6 and then  10pm.

The puppies are running consistently about 6 days ahead of last year’s puppies on weight. They have their ups and downs but comparing both the heaviest and the lightest puts them 6 and 7 days ahead respectively. Bumble has really eaten well and has added 270g to reach 2460g. Bossanova is now 100g behind him, weighing 2360g but having added 220g. Britannia is now being a little more girlie and has dropped back to third place. She is 2350g, having added 200g. Beethoven and Boadicea are a fair way behind, but still doing fine. Beethoven is 2210g, having added 180g and Boadicea is 2160g having added 210g. Today my Mistress is planning to change the paper in parts of the pen part way through the day as well as they are now peeing in larger quantities and she doesn’t want them in a dirty pen. Funnily enough they have almost given up on their whelping box and my Mistress is thinking of taking it out to give them a bit more space to run around.

Tucker spent a little time with his flannel from Tino the rabbit, but after a short while said he was missing his brothers and sisters so could be please go back in the main pen.

Bumble and Beethoven needed to be on their best behaviour this morning as they were having a visit from the person who will be having one or other of them and all being well she will be making her decision. Not an easy choice, they are both very handsome and very cuddly. Beethoven is probably slightly quieter and quite like Aristotle. I think he’s another thinking dog. Bumble is a gentle giant. The way they are now I think they will both grow up into fine dogs.  I shall tell you how they got on later.

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Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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