Sunday December 16th 2012 – ‘Basil!’

In our house, the name Basil is associated with one thing and one thing only and that is ‘Faulty Towers’, a programme which the boys have watched to the point they know the lines. Ok, two things, to my Mistress it is a herb growing in the front garden. Now, Robyn & Beethovenhowever, there is a third Basil. Basil the dog! You know him as Beethoven. He’s an intelligent little fellow and was mortified to lose a name associated with a great composer only to be called ‘Basil’. I sat him down and had a chat, pointing out that I was Christened Einstein and changing to Alfie hadn’t done me any harm. He was somewhat relieved, but said it was going to take some getting used to. I pointed out that Tucker was already getting used to his name and he would have plenty of opportunity. He’s gone away to think about it. So this is a picture of Basil with his ‘soon to be’ owner.

If things go to plan, today is Christmas tree day. My Mistress has said we are only having a tree this year and she isn’t doing the outside lights and everything else. I didn’t mind too much but Aristotle was disappointed and had to check it wouldn’t affect whether Santa would call. He was relieved to find it wouldn’t, but only until my Mistress pointed out that the reason Santa wouldn’t call had nothing to do with Christmas lights and everything to do with the fact he hasn’t been good!

The puppies like the baby food they are now on. The potato and parsnip has been relegated to the cupboard and they have moved on to ‘Orchard Chicken’. I am less impressed as they didn’t leave any for me to eat.

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Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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