Sunday – The Naming of Pups

Now pay close attention as this could get confusing. We are going to start using the names the puppies will have in their new homes as far as possible, except when we forget or in the case of Britannia who is still waiting to hear what she will be called. You will now remember that Bossanova is to be called Tucker and I told you last night that Beethoven is to be called Basil, but I haven’t told you yet that Bumble is to be called Dickens, which works rather well as Mr Bumble was a character in a Dickens book. You can just see him now when he is in trouble for something being addressed as Mr Bumble instead of Dickens. Boadicea is going to be called Beija.

Once again everyone has gained weight. Beija now weighs 2290g having added 130g. She says she prefers the Orchard Chicken to the Sunday Lunch Chicken, but will eat it if there are no other choices on the menu. Basil added 110g to reach 2320g. Britannia slowed down a little adding 90g to reach 2440g. Tucker added 100g to reach 2460g and Dickens stayed out there in the lead at 2550g having added 90g. Today is supposed to be the last day that Shadow was going to do a top up feed every meal but she isn’t feeling well again this morning and has refused breakfast so we’re not sure how keen she will be.

The pups confused the system by wanting a feed at 2.00 this morning and again at 6.00. On the bright side my Mistress then got a lie in until 8, but on the downside she needed it! Just to confuse things they had a top up feed at not long after 8 so then didn’t eat again until 11.

We’ve taken the whelping box out to give them more room to run around. We just need to dismantle it and put it away ready for Megan.

You can watch the puppies at

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

Alfie’s Diary – the Book is available at Amazon UK –

You can find short stories to read at

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