Monday 17th December 2012 – Four Weeks Old

Happy four week birthday pups. Not only are you the grand age of 4 weeks old but you’ve got your very first Christmas tree to enjoy. My Master really groaned when they went to buy ‘the’ tree yesterday. He was putting the one they selected in the car while my Mistress paid. He was a little surprised to find her carrying back a neat little tree in a pot as well. She didn’t admit it was for the puppies – he just thinks she’s crazy!

Dickens (Bumble) was introduced on camera to his new owners yesterday. He was very sleepy at the time so wouldn’t stand up, but he did show just how cuddly he could be. They are all starting to spend much more time playing. To my disappointment they are also eating more of their food so there is less for me to have. Mind you, that may be a good thing as even I can tell I don’t smell my best right now. Between me and Shadow the scent is not the best.

My Mistress is hoping to have to get up only once in the night tonight. It wasn’t so bad yesterday when she could have a lie in, but we’re back to normal today and if she doesn’t get her sleep then we’ll all know about it. She also says she needs to be able to focus in order to catch up with everything she is behind with and as one of those things is buying Christmas presents then I really think we should cooperate. I’ve had a special word with Beija (Boadicea) to ask if she could not spend 20 minutes crying after her meal time and then need my Mistress to rock her to sleep. Although my Mistress loved doing it, it was after some swearing as she really wanted to sleep.

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Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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