Monday Midday – a breakthrough

The puppies almost slept through the night last night. They had their supper at 10pm and then didn’t ask for breakfast until 5.30 this morning. They asked for breakfast again at 8.30, but that’s better than being up through the night. My Mistress plans to feed them again at 11.30, 2.30, 6 and 10. Shadow is now only going in every 8 hours. So she will feed them at 2.30 and then 10pm, before bed. She says she doesn’t want to go in at all, but as she was well enough to steal Megan’s breakfast we aren’t paying much attention to that!

It was only when writing all the invites out earlier that my Mistress really thought about the fact that it is my Master’s 50th birthday next week. Oh she’d remembered it was his birthday, but had not got very far with his presents when she suddenly thought ‘Oh no! I need to get him something special.’ I suggested a dog bed, but it seems he wouldn’t be impressed. She has managed one idea, but is in need of other suggestions. What do you buy for the man with everything, including the perfect dogs?

The puppies have not gained so much weight since yesterday. Dickens only added 40g, Tucker 70g, Basil, 60g, while the girls both managed 100g. It is probably nearing the time to move them onto puppy food and off baby food, although I think my Mistress is thinking of giving them another day or two with the baby mixture. She might give them a bowl of puppy food as well so that they can choose. They have said they aren’t ready for anything lumpy yet, so it still needs to be completely smooth.

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