Friday 18th January 2013 – And then there were two

When Dickens left yesterday Tess cried for ages. She’s been cuddled up to Beija as much as she can but still seems really sad. If my Mistress cuddles one of them, the other one cries. It’s really hard. What was funny was their first night after the camera had been turned off was their first night sleeping in the dark. My Mistress was worried about them, but of course they were fine. My Mistress is feeling really sad too and did wonder if she should just get into the pen and cuddle up to the two of them, but then I pointed out she should be cuddling up to me so she relented. The girls are getting special treatment. They are no longer having to eat from the big feeding station that would have only made them think more about their missing brothers. They each have a little enamel bowl of their own and then a biscuit bowl they share.

The house is starting to look like a B&B rather than how it normally looks. There’s a bed in the little room downstairs that my Mistress calls the library  and a double bed in the office. There will be three sleeping in the lounge, oh it’s going to be crazy as long as the snow doesn’t stop people getting here. I’m just glad that I haven’t got to share my bed with anyone. At least I don’t think I have.

My Mistress has a hospital appointment and is hoping she will be able to sort out when they can replace her knuckle. I think she’s hoping to do it while Megan is away so that she has less dog walking to do while she recovers. She’s very excited about the chance to become bionic and a knuckle may not sound much but she says it’s a start.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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