Saturday 19th January 2013 – And then it snowed

We were trying to work out which would be worse. For the snow to stop people getting here or for the snow to stop them all getting home. It’s a close call. Up here we haven’t had much snow but there are people travelling from the Midlands for the party and at least one has had to cancel so far. Then there is Beija’s new human who is travelling up to collect her from the south coast. She is getting very worried about whether they will come for her. She’s told Tess that it’s nothing personal but she’s ready to move to her new home and start her new life. Tess took it very well and just said she was a little sad as no one had come to take her home yet. It’s a bit strange for them as we’ve had to move their pen and reduce its size. Where their pen was there is now a double sofa bed so they can’t stay there.

We’ve been watching pictures of the puppies who have already gone to their homes playing in the snow. There is nothing a mountain dog likes more than the chance to really tunnel into a big pile of snow, except, maybe the bones we all had yesterday that might be slightly higher up the list.

My Mistress has booked her hand operation. She is having it while Megan is on her holidays in Switzerland to give her more time for recovering with fewer dogs to walk. They have told her all the downsides about what she might not be able to do, but she says that she definitely wants to have it sorted out. She gets upset when there are things she can’t do very well. She was in tears when she iced my Master’s birthday cake and couldn’t squeeze the icing bag so made a mess of it. She was going to try to make a marzipan version of an Entlebucher but had to conclude her hand hurt too much. Of course if she’d made one then I would have had to get her to make it look like me.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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