Monday 28th January 2013 – Puppy Phone Calls

In between sneezing and coughing over everyone and everything yesterday, my mistress heard from three of the puppies. Beija rang to say she was doing fine, but wasn’t really enjoying the time she has to spend in a crate. She loves being around her humans and simply hates when she has to be apart. She thinks that the big dog, Molly, is great but fears there are times that Molly may not be having the same thoughts about her. Basil is doing very well and thoroughly enjoying learning all sorts of things. He’s looking forward to his final injection this week and being able to go out into the real world. He’s going to visit Tucker next weekend so he’s very excited about seeing his brother. Then Tucker rang too and said he’s finding the big wide world to be a very exciting place. He doesn’t like to stay still for too long and does find he gets himself a bit over excited at times. That’s puppies for you. They are all getting bigger and some of them are already nearly 8kg. Hopefully we’ll see some of them when we have our next Fun Day, which is in March. We’ve planned it for the day that is the 100th anniversary of the birth of the first of our breed ever to be registered officially in Switzerland.  It should be very exciting to meet up again.

The snow went almost as quickly as it came and has been replaced by more wet stuff. At least the forecast for this week is for warmer weather. Here’s an irony for you. My Mistress is hoping it will be nice and warm as she doesn’t fancy trying out her new snow chains in the cold! I hate to point out to her that when she really needs to use them it will inevitably be cold – otherwise they’d be sun chains rather than snow chains!

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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