Tuesday 29th January 2013 – News from Dickens

There’s only little Tessie we haven’t heard from in the last couple of days. Dickens wrote to us yesterday very proudly telling us he now weighs 8.6kg – he’ll be as big as me before you know it! It’s good to hear he’s doing well. Meanwhile at this end Megan is getting all emotional telling us how much she’s going to miss us. I took it with a pinch as salt since the only thing she’s going to miss about me is having someone to attack on a daily basis. I’m sure she’s going to miss Ari. The pair of them are the best of friends, but then Ari is friends with all of us so he’s lucky in that regard. Megan’s excited about going to stay with Bella on route to Switzerland. We don’t mind missing out too much as we’ll see her at the Fun Day. I know that’s not the same as being able to go for a sleepover but it’s almost as good. What Megan isn’t going to miss is having to go into kennels while my Mistress has her hand operated on. She’s asked if we’d mind going for a couple of days just to give her chance to sort out what she can and can’t do before she’s got us to worry about. I was disappointed as I was hoping to go to the hospital with her, but apparently unless I train as a therapy dog that wouldn’t be allowed. Something to do with hygiene I think, although I keep myself spotlessly clean so I can’t really believe it is that. That’s one thing Beija’s human said the other day, they can’t believe that at only 10 weeks old she washes herself so thoroughly and wonders if she could teach their Labradoodle to wash herself too. She’s an Entlebuhcer, she’ll do better than that – she’ll start washing the Labradoodle as well. We’re just like that.

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