Wednesday 30th January 2013 – Sneezing

It has been made perfectly clear to me that when I sneeze over my Mistress’s feet and legs without putting a paw over my mouth and nose, which, might I say, is difficult for a dog, it is not appreciated. Why then does my Mistress think it’s ok for her to sneeze all over me and not so much as apologise? To be fair she’s sneezed over everyone and everything else so it’s not a personal thing and her nose is fit to rival Rudolph without any effort whatsoever.

As a breed my Mistress is usually proud to tell people we don’t shed too badly. If you came to the office at the moment you would think she was fibbing. We’re having a problem with the weather, as I’m told are many other dogs. We don’t know whether to shed our winter coats or not. One day it is hot so our bodies systems go into shedding mode and then the next day it’s cold so we frantically start regrowing a thick coat, only to shed it again four days later. It’s no joke. None of us looks our best and the office floor is developing its own carpet to cover the bare floorboards. I suppose we should be grateful that we haven’t started to develop web feet to cope with all the water, it’s probably only a matter of time.

My Mistress was watching a video of a friend of ours doing agility the other day. It was so funny. The dog we know who was going through the course suddenly barked and we all thought she was here to see us and went running round madly trying to find her. Even I was a little slow to catch on, even though my Mistress was trying to shout to us above the din that the barking was on the computer. I was so disappointed.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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