Wednesday 19th June 2013 – An uphill struggle

My Mistress has had a bit of a rude awakening. If you had asked her before yesterday, she would have said round where we live is fairly flat. Oh yes, there are the North York Moors a few miles one way and the Yorkshire Dales a few miles the other, but we live on the plain between the two that then runs down and has York and the surrounding areas in it. What changed yesterday was that my Mistress decided to cycle to the post office which is 3 ½ miles away. She is now of the opinion that flat would be the wrong word and that it is a constant pattern of hills up and down all the way. For the most part it wasn’t too bad and she said the difference being on a bike rather than in the car is that not only do you see the countryside but people say hello to you. Of course there are some scary bits where the pot holes are so bad they need to be avoided and other places where the traffic, little as it is, whizzes past at great speed. She got back in one piece and apart from needing a drink she was none the worse for wear. She is keeping a tally of how many miles she uses her bike for that would otherwise have to be done by car and is up to 9 so far – so that maybe pays for a spoke of the front wheel!

My Mistress has resumed feeding the birds. She has asked Shadow very nicely if she would possibly let the ones that visit our garden live and Shadow has said she will think about it. Anyway, because there are so many nests including in our bird box, my Mistress thought she would give a bit of a helping hand on the food front. To her surprise today a large carrion crow has moved in. She doesn’t think she’s ever seen one in our garden before either here or anywhere else she’s lived so she was quite excited. I think he’s big enough to take Shadow on if she has anything to say on the subject.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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