Sunday 23rd JUne 2013 – ‘Your call is important to us…’

When you are ringing a helpline you don’t want to have to be dealing with and it’s in a foreign country and then you are told that although your call is important to them they are going to be at least another fifteen minutes before they answer you, the temptation is to hang up. However the IRS had that covered too by warning my Mistress that they dealt with calls in strict rotation and if she hung up she’d lose her place in the queue. She did hang up. She also uttered a few choice words at the telephone before settling back down at the computer to write a letter to the IRS instead. She’s working on the basis that the logic of the situation is that she cannot possibly owe them any money and the chances of being arrested, at least on that score, if she tries to visit their country are pretty small. I just spent the time unnerving her by saying ‘Well, you hear all sorts of stories in the papers…’ and just left the thought hanging. She posted the letter yesterday and will now just wait. To add insult to injury the last piece of information she needs to do my Master’s tax return arrived in the post yesterday – almost as a consolation prize!

The vegetables are looking more like a tropical rain forest in miniature than a vegetable patch. They are doing exceedingly well and my Mistress said it almost seemed criminal not to let a few flies and insects have a nibble at them. Not that she left the netting off any longer than she had to. She was removing the three well developed weeds that were growing. She took one of the carrots out to see how they were progressing and because it was too close to the next one. Let’s just say the edible bit would do nothing to take the edge of her hunger just yet, but does at least show some degree of promise.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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