Tuesday 16th July 2013 – I have a reprieve

I was sort of looking forward to seeing Bella and her human this weekend, if only for my Mistress’s sake, but I was planning to stay out of the way as much as possible. I know it may not sound very hospitable of me, but there are only so many females I can cope with Ari trying to show off too. The problem is that I can be the butt of the jokes and sometimes it just goes too far. I’d said I would spend the weekend on my Mistress’s bed and just see her when she came up to visit. I’d asked if she would be so kind as to tell me when the coast was clear so I could nip outside when necessary and then retreat back into hiding. Anyway, I don’t have to do that now as Bella is coming into season and her owner has wisely decided that too many hormonal girls is a bad thing, a fact I have known for a long time! I shouldn’t be quite so gleeful, my Mistress is disappointed and another date is being arranged so I shall have to deal with it sooner or later, but for the time being it is later and that means I can relax a little.

You would never guess my Mistress is an accountant. She’s trying to balance the year end for the company and can’t find a difference of £29.88. I said she could just give it to me, but it seems there are rules about that sort of thing. We all have to keep quiet this morning while she reworks everything to try to find it. It can’t have gone far. I said she should look in Ari’s bed, that’s where things that go missing normally turn up.

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