Wednesday 28th August 2013 – Tax

It turns out there are several differences between the US and the UK when it comes to tax. On the one paw, the IRS in the US is much more scary than the UK tax office. Oh, ours can be mean, but they aren’t scary. However, on the other paw, it turns out that the IRS is prepared to apologies for the grief it causes whereas in the UK that is highly unlikely. You will be pleased to know that my Mistress is no longer in fear of being arrested if she travels to the USA as they IRS have admitted their mistake in a very nice letter to her. They haven’t exactly answered all her questions but it’s a start. It’s all rather ironic really as she’s ended up having tax deducted that shouldn’t have been anyway, so there doesn’t seem to have been a lot of point in getting the special number she needed to stop them deducting tax! Apparently there’s even more paperwork she needs to complete.

Alfie and AriAri went swimming for the first time since we got back from holiday yesterday. He was not impressed. They all laugh at him as he is such a mummy’s boy and has to have our Mistress completely in site as he swims, even to the point where she has to walk up and down the side of the pool with him to make him move at all. I thought that was a good opportunity to bring you a photo of us both in our life jackets on the boat on holiday.

After her long(ish) cycle on Monday, my Mistress ended up doing a longer walk than she was planning with Megan yesterday. She planned to do their usual 3 mile route, but it turned out that the grass was so wet and the corn so tall and ready for picking and dripping in the morning mist, that my Mistress got thoroughly wet on the outward walk so wanted a drier route home. The only problem was that it was very misty and walking along a road where cars can whizz by at 60 and where there is no footpath, wasn’t much fun. It also meant she ended up doing about 4 mile sin total. I said it would be good for her, but I said it from the comfort of the settee.

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