Wednesday 11th September 2013 – An exciting day

I have a very important job to do today. I have to oversee a delivery of books. I’m the one nearest the front door so it’s my job to raise the alarm when they arrive and make sure that the delivery man knows where to put them. It’s exciting as it’s the first book we will have had printed for another author that isn’t being done as print on demand. It’s really very exciting as she’s quite a big author who has her stories published in women’s magazines all the time and we’ve even got a review for the book from the Commissioning Fiction Editor of The People’s Friend. I’ll have to tell you when the book goes on sale. It’s full of happy stories to make you feel good and I know my Mistress loves reading things like that. As a dog I find them a bit soppy, but she always says that in describing old films her Nanna used to say ‘lovely picture, made you cry’, well these are the story equivalents. In fact I’m sure I’m allowed to do this, would you like to come to the launch party? It’s an online party on facebook and I think all you need to do is follow this link to get signed up. If that doesn’t work let me know and I’ll send you a proper invite. It’s on September 24th and starts at 11am What’s even more exciting I’ve been told if I’m really good I might even go on Saturday to meet the author when my Mistress meets her to hand some of the books over. It’s because I’m the founder of the company, she thought it might be nice for her to meet the real ‘Alfie Dog’.

Ari is really excited, our maternal human grandparents are going to watch him swimming next week. He says he’s going to be really good and show them what he can do. As opposed to yesterday then, when he went into the place it’s held and lay down on the floor and refused to move!

Alfie’s Diary – the Book is available at Amazon UK –

You can find short stories to read at

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