Sunday 15th September 2012 – Birds

It seems word has been going round the bird world very quickly and the number and variety of birds visiting our feeders is increasing almost by the hour. I have been given the job of checking there is still food in the feeders. Although I can’t get up to them to check it’s quite easy. If there are some bits dropped underneath I know there’s still food for them to throw out. If the ground has no little morsels for me to pick up then they must need refilling. I can be relied to check on them every time I go out, so the system works quite well.

I was delighted to be part of the book drop off yesterday and meet one of our authors. She’s a lovely lady who writes stories for national magazines. She writes really nice stories which make people happy and that’s a very good thing to do. What was funny was that she and her husband were as excited to meet me as I was to meet them. I sometimes forget I’m a celebrity in my own right, with books published under my own name. I don’t think I’ve sold nearly as many as she has, but I’m the head of the company too so that gives me an added string to my bow.

My maternal human grandparents will be arriving this afternoon so we’re very excited. Shadow and Megan aren’t so bothered but Ari and I know we’ll be spoilt rotten while they are here. I’m close to Granny and Ari is close to Grandpa so we are both kept happy. Shadow says she’s ok with it as she’s very excited about seeing James on Tuesday as she hasn’t seen him for four months. I hope he’s ready to be thoroughly licked!

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