Sunday 6th October 2013 – Such an exciting day for our breed

We have our very first stud dog in the UK. His name is Eiger (Norfolkfields Benji) and he passed his breeding tests yesterday. He has to wait for his second birthday before he can do anything about it, but he’s already looking forward to his first mating and was flirting unashamedly with Addie (Torfheide Adrienne) who also passed her tests yesterday. His sister Bella passed as well so it will be an exciting time looking ahead. I shall have to wait for our Mistress to come back before I can bring you any pictures, but she said that everything went very well and she hoped that Max Heller, the man in charge of running the test in Switzerland, would have been proud of them.  Addie (Ari’s sister) says she’s thinking of waiting for Eiger before she has her first litter so will mate with him next summer. Bella wants to wait another year before she starts. My Mistress also took photos of each of the sibling sets from litters born in the UK to send to their respective dad’s in Switzerland and Germany.

Aristotle said the morning was a bit boring for him as he had to sit and wait quietly in the car while it was all going on, but the afternoon was worth the wait. He had a great time running round with various relatives. Soggeli (Torfheide Annette) was overjoyed to see our Mistress. Tucker was pleased too, although he and his full brother Basil had an argument and Tucker ended up with a nick in his ear. Our Mistress helped patch him up, but he wasn’t too upset just a little bloody, you know how ears can be! I think there were 18 dogs there altogether. By the end of it both Aristotle and Shadow were worn out.

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