Friday 11th October 2013 – Winter is just around the corner

‘What do you mean, the temperature’s 7 degrees but feels like it’s 2?’ I asked my Mistress first thing yesterday as we went downstairs. Then I went out for my early morning ablutions and discovered exactly what she meant. She retreated inside in her dressing gown leaving me and Shadow to come and knock on the door when we were ready to come back in and I have to tell you it wasn’t long. We live at the top of a hill. Fortunately it’s only a little hill, but when the wind blows we really feel it and I can tell you it was cold. My Mistress was none too thrilled with the squally showers for her three mile walk with Megan, but in fairness Megan wasn’t that thrilled either. She looked like something from a Polar expedition when she set off, our Mistress rather than Megan. It seems hard to imagine how warm it was only last weekend.

Every morning my Mistress checks to see if Shadow’s season has started. She breathes a sigh of relief at the moment when it hasn’t. She’d like to get through another week or so first, so that Christmas will be clear of puppies. I said that seemed a shame after the lovely little Christmas tree she bought for them last year, but even if they are born in time for Christmas now then their eyes won’t be open so a tree would be a bit of a waste.

B LitterToday’s picture is of the brothers from our B litter. They are now 10 months old and full of mischief. From left to right there is Tucker (Bossanova) – he of the polydactyl feet, Dickens (Bumble), Shadow and then Basil (Beethoven), both Basil and Dickens have qualified with Crufts as has Addie that I showed you yesterday. It’s all very exciting.

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