Tuesday 19th November 2013 – Happy Birthday Pups

A year ago Shadow was giving birth to our B litter and you were all able to watch them on camera right from the day they came into the world. Happy birthday to Basil (Beethoven), Beija, Dickens (Bumble), Tucker (Bossanova) and of course dearest little Tess (Britannia). Your mum sends you all her love and so does your brother. We all hope you have a very happy day and are spoilt rotten as any puppy should be.

I went to the vet yesterday and she thinks my back is a muscular problem. I’m on anti-inflammatories for a week and everyone has been told to be nice to me to reduce my stress levels. I have to go back to the vet again next week too. She did sort my rear end out too but I won’t go into the details of that. She doesn’t think anything is terribly serious just part of the niggles of getting older. One thing that has changed is that I no longer travel in the crate in the boot as it’s quite difficult for me to turn round. I could do it when I was more supple, but now I get to travel on the back seat at all times, which is fine by me as long as my Mistress remembers not to set the car alarm if I’m sitting inside it.

I need to send get well wishes to my dear friend Alfie who has moved to San Francisco too. He’s had a stick accident, but fortunately is responding well to treatment. It just goes to show, it is never ever safe to play with a stick. I used to love it, but I now have a fluorescent orange pretend stick instead for safety. I think Alfie’s is going to have pretend ones from now, poor chap.

Alfie’s Diary – the Book is available at Amazon UK –https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00583ZGSA

You can find short stories to read at www.alfiedog.com

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