Wednesday 20th November 2013 – Not Impressed

Aristotle went swimming yesterday and when they got home my Mistress said that in two weeks she is taking me to watch with a view to my starting to go swimming. She knows I hate water. What sort of sadist is she? To be fair she explained it would be very good for my back and that if we could build the muscles up then it might be mean I had far fewer problems. I said I’d rather do sit ups, although preferably the sort you do while dreaming and not the ones that involve any real effort. Unfortunately she said exercise doesn’t work very well that way and I might have to put some real effort in. Anyway, she’s just taking me along to see what I think and for me to decide whether I could bear the next step which would be dipping a paw in the water. I can see her point, but it’s like telling her that she could go parachuting to improve her health. There would be a serious risk that the fear would be counter-productive. You might try telling me that water won’t do me any harm but that’s easy for you to say. It only takes a couple of inches to drown in – it’s scary stuff.

It was lovely hearing from some of the pups on their birthday yesterday. Beija is following in her mother’s pawsteps and is going through a book eating phase. Tess is being as good and gentle as ever and Tucker had more presents than any one dog should be allowed… unless the one dog is me. His birthday cake looked pretty cool too. What is funny is that he now loves squeaky toys – when they were little we had to remove all the squeakers because he was going to live with a rabbit and his owners were worried he might pick up the wrong squeaky thing! Mind you, we all love squeaky toys… I’d probably get the rabbit too!

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