Monday 10th February 2014 – Day 44 in the little puppy house

IMG_1028The puppies rioted for food at 5 this morning. My Mistress gently but firmly told them she was trying to sleep and would they please go back to sleep. When they realised it didn’t matter what they said, they weren’t going to be getting any food they all sulked and went back to sleep until breakfast. There is a lesson here for all their new owners, if you give in to the demands of terrorists, however small and cute they are then you will have to keep giving in.

The photo this morning is six eager puppies wanting to be picked up our Master. They love being picked up and cuddled. Apart from ambushing my Mistress it’s their favourite pastime.

Today they are going to meet the electrician. Not just that but there will be some work going on in the same room they are in. It all adds to their life experiences. They won’t have to endure the stove being fitted in the office as our Mistress has had the good sense to wait until they have gone so that she can clear all the pens out of the way before they do that. They have to make a hole in the ceiling too so I think my Mistress doesn’t really want to be in the room while they are doing it either.

Today Shadow will only go in with them at breakfast and supper. She is also trying to get them off the milky food, without much success. Cuddles will still have it as she is desperately trying to build her up a bit, but the others will only get plain puppy food for one of their meals today, then two tomorrow and three on Wednesday. Finally on Thursday they won’t have milk added to any meal. That will mean they have a week or more off milk before going to their new homes.

If the weather stays as nice as it is now, although it is frosty at the moment, then my Mistress will take them all outside again this afternoon, which is always fun. Then they have to go off to their microchipping, which she hates as it’s a big needle and they always scream!

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