Tuesday 11th February 2014 – weigh in, video and pupdate Cosette

My Mistress is celebrating. The weight gains are good. Everyone’s weight gain is good. Cuddles added 150g – a whole 150g! She now weighs 3370g. She has said is it ok for my Mistress to leave the bowl of dry food so she can nibble when she feels peckish. After she asked they all said it was a good idea and it seems to have made a difference. Chekov added 150g to reach 4440g, Cracker added 150g to reach 4390g. Cinderella added 140g to reach 4320g. Only Casanova gained a little less but even he added 110g to reach 4010g. Cosette added 150g to reach 3840g. It is great news particularly seeing as they are also being weaned off Shadow and with the exception of Cuddles off milky food at any time. If Cuddles has a second good weight gain tomorrow then she will start coming off the milky food too.

Today’s video was caught just as the fun started. The cuddly Christmas tree is in trouble and the puppies decide it is good for 5 way tug! This is what they do to my Mistress when she goes into the pen. She won’t let me video that, but that may be because of the bad language when they catch her! You can see it here http://youtu.be/Rc2lo_kXVQg

IMG_0998 CosetteToday’s Pupdate is Cosette – the bigger she gets the more she looks like Megan. If that IMG_1004 Cosettecarries on she is going to be a very pretty girl. These pictures show what happened when Cosette went outside.

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