Friday 21st February 2014 – Casanova has left the building

Today is probably your last video. We managed to take it this morning when all 4 puppies were still here. The two boys are wrestling. They’ve reached that age. The two girls are playing more quietly destroying one of the toys. Depending on how active they feel when Casanova leaves we may take a video of the three of them for you, but it will have to be this afternoon or evening as Cuddles is leaving early tomorrow as she has a long journey home to Northern Ireland.  You can see the video here

The weigh in this morning was very good news. Casanova has put on 260g and now weighs 5290g a very healthy weight for his age. Cosette has passed the 5kg weight and is now 5010g. She only added 60g but her weight is absolutely fine. Little Cuddles is trying very hard. She added 110g and is now 4280g. She isn’t going to make the 4.5kg she was aiming for by the time she leaves but she is doing well and is not causing us any worries. She says she will try to eat well today too. There may not be another chance to weigh her before she goes as she will be leaving at 8.30 in the morning. She will be fine. She’s only about 2 ½ days behind Addie’s weight at this age and will soon make it up. And so another weigh chart gets added to the file and another puppy process comes to an end for this year.

And then there were three

And then there were three

Although they had eaten a lot last night and this morning, the puppies didn’t want their lunch. I’m sure it was because they were concerned about Casanova going. Somehow when he did go my Mistress suddenly started to feel the sadness of them all departing. There were just the three of them to look after and it all felt very final. The pile of food buckets to send away with the puppies is getting smaller, the pile of puppy folders reducing, the number of puppies left to cuddle. There will be another litter and we can do it all over again, but for now I think the puppy blues has started.

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  1. Kelly says:

    Casanova (Otis) is doing great… He did so well for being in the car for such a long time! He’s settled in nicely & getting to know his new home… He’s got such a lovely nature – we all love him to bits! Best of luck to all the pups, Shadow, Aristotle & Alfie – hope to see you all soon xx

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