Saturday 22nd February 2014 – 8 Weeks old

Today is a big day in the little puppy house. The puppies are 8 weeks old and the fun has to come to an end. Cuddles and Cosette are both leaving today, which will just leave Chekov. They are in good spirits as you will see from the video that I will post this afternoon. My Mistress cleaned them out early ready for their visitors but they went wild in the pen and there is no way you would know. She is hoping it will mean the two girls are tired out for their journeys home. My Mistress is vainly hoping to weigh Cuddles one last time but the way she is going I think that is very unlikely. There is no way she won’t wriggle until she calms down a bit.

Of course what my Mistress has not planned very well is the log delivery. She ordered it yesterday thinking it would come next week and was extremely surprised to get a notification that it will come today part way through the puppy collections. This is not part of the plan. At worst it will block in one of the puppy owners and at best it is an extra job for the day that only Aristotle is excited about. He has not worked out that he will have to be kept out of the way for most of the moving unless the delivery man manages to bring it through the back gate.

Casanova is the first of the puppies to change his name. He is going to be known as Otis. He arrived safely in his home later yesterday evening after a good journey home.

IMG_1119I’ll let you know how everything goes this afternoon. Here is a photo of the three of them playing last night.

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