Saturday 22nd February 2014 – and then there was one!

Last supper - Cuddles and Chekov

Last supper – Cuddles and Chekov

It has been a hard day. Cuddles departure left everyone feeling sad. She can’t help but win hearts she is such a dear puppy. She and Chekov shared a last meal together before she left (see photo) and then Chekov and Cosette clung to each other after

she had gone. When the humans for Cosette came and we took her out of the pen Chekov started crying, which is not like him. We put her back for a little while and they snuggled up together, but then she too had to leave and Chekov was alone. He was sleeping when she went so it was perhaps best that way.

Chekov and Cosette holding paws

Chekov and Cosette holding paws

The wood delivery all worked out ok, thankfully and no one’s car was blocked in by a load of wood. At least it means we are all ready for our wood burning stove in the office, which is something to look forward in another week or so.

Chekov’s life will start to change now. My Mistress will start to try doing a little toilet training with him and he will get to wear a collar all the time and can have his comforter with him all the time too. He will still need to move to the little pen each day when my Mistress does the big clean of the pen but he won’t have to do that so much. He’ll also spend some time out with the family too.

Shadow seems to be coping with everything. She is aware they have gone but she is not worrying looking for them. I guess she’s been through it all before.

We have also heard today that Annie is expecting at least 5 puppies rather than the 3 seen on the first scan. This is very exciting news and would take our numbers right up to 52.

We did manage to take one last video this morning. You would not believe from the appearance of the pen that it had only just been cleaned out when this video of the three of them was taken at breakfast this morning. I think they decided to have one last wild morning while they could still play together. So this will be your final puppy video for this litter and you can see it here.

From tomorrow the updates will return to once a day as life starts to go back to as close to normal as it ever is in this house. We’ll bring you all the news as we hear how the puppies are progressing and I will have to get back to my day job and write the Pet Dogs Democratic Party Manifesto. You know how it goes. I can’t sit around enjoying myself doing nothing not with my Mistress for an owner anyway.

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