Monday 24th February 2014 – Little Bear

Cuddles is now called Scout and is settling in well to her new home. She was very good on her journey home, even though it included a rough ferry crossing. Chekov is really missing her, but is having some fun. He had a run in the garden with me yesterday. I had to go in as I forgot how small he was and was playing a little too excitedly. It’s just that I see him more as an equal and one that won’t do me an injury so I thought I’d get a big stick to share with him, but he’s not ready for big sticks just yet. I did give my Mistress a hand putting some of the puppy things that are finished with away in the summer house and then getting the vegetable trough ready and planting some parsnips. Even though it was very windy it was quite warm outside and my Mistress said it was really doing her good to be out in the fresh air with me.

IMG_1154Chekov is definitely starting his socialisation and next stage of life, even though he hasn’t left us yet. Yesterday he went to the pub. Obviously he can’t walk anywhere, but my Mistress has a proper dog rucksack she can use to carry him about. So she walked down to the pub carrying him and he went and sat quietly in his rucksack while they had a drink. He was of course worshipped and adored by all who saw him, but that is his right as an eight week old puppy. My Mistress had the hope that some fresh air would make him tired enough that he might sleep through the night. It certainly gave him an appetite when he got home. However… the fact that I am writing this at something before 7am also tells you it did not make him sleep. He was awake crying at 1am, 4.15am and then from 6.15am he refused to go back to sleep. So we got up, fed him, cuddled him and began the day. My Mistress looks worse today than she did yesterday. It will be fun for her going to the optician to collect her new glasses when she can barely see straight through lack of sleep.

Chekov most of all wants to be loved. My Mistress has nicknamed him ‘Little Bear’ as he is just like a small teddy bear in the way he snuggles in to be cuddled. I think he is going to be called Otto, but ‘Little Bear’ suits him very well at the moment.

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  1. Kelly says:

    How cute does he look in that rucksack! It’s cute the boys are called Otis & Otto – sounds like a tag-team!

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