Sunday 2nd March 2014 – Never done that before

Well I’ve never done that before. I rolled over in the night and got one of my claws caught in my collar. You’d think by my age I would have full control of my limbs, but no, at 4.30 I was hopping round the bedroom shrieking. My Mistress had to get up and sort me out, but she wasn’t best pleased to have been woken. There was no ‘Oh poor, Alfie. Are you all right? Does it hurt?’ It was just a swift ‘There you are, now go back to bed.’ When I think how at the least squeak she got up to the puppies and gave them a cuddle I could feel quite put out.

The dinner party she was doing the cooking for seems to have gone well. I can vouch for the Irish Coffee Ice Cream she made as I did my best to ‘help’ her making some extra batches. I was there to catch the drips and I have to say they were very good drips. My Master is now consigned to eating leftovers, but I guess it breaks up the monotony of the mushrooms.

It really is starting to look like spring outside. There is a beautiful array of snowdrops around the village and the daffodils are all getting ready. There’s blossom on some of the bushes too. It’s hard to remember it’s only the 2nd of March. Ok so it isn’t that warm outside, but the flowers think it’s later. What my Mistress is less happy about is the fact that mild winters mean more bugs in the summer. She is not keep on wasps in particular and rather likes the fact that hard winters mean there are less around.

015 (reduced)We heard yesterday that Cosette, Cinderella and Otis (Casanova) are doing well. They are still getting their humans up at night but are not being too badly behaved.

I’ve got another photo of Otto (Chekov) for you today.

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