Monday 3rd March 2014 – The Wood Stove

Today should be the day that the wood stove is fitted. My Mistress probably won’t be able to work in the office as they have to knock a hole through the ceiling amongst other messy jobs. She isn’t sure what we are all going to do. It’s all going to get quite complicated. I think the idea is that we all sit with her in the other room for the day so that we don’t bother the workmen either, but quite honestly I think it may become quite a noisy day.

We heard from four of the puppies yesterday. Scout (Cuddles) says she is finding eating a chore and is very picky with her food, but otherwise happy. She takes after her mother. Shadow is the only dog I know who does not finish her food in record time. It’s only because of the way that she glares at us that neither Ari nor I will chance our luck at finishing it for her. Cinderella has helped make a birthday cake for one of her humans. Her job was to pose looking beautiful so that another of her humans could make the cake to look like her. It really was quite impressive and I’m sure made it a very special birthday. Cosette is getting round the fact that, like her sister, she is a picky eater by having some of her food in a ball that she has to work at to get it out. Otis (Casanova) is looking very handsome and grown up in such a short time. It was lovely to hear from them all and really brought a smile to my Mistress’s face. Although the smile may have been to do with the black cherries in Kirsch that she had worked her way through!

Another picture of Otto (Chekov)

Another picture of Otto (Chekov)

My Mistress needs to charge the battery of the barchetta today as tomorrow it is going back on the road. After three years of being tucked away on the garage my little car is finally going back on the road. I can’t wait to go out in it and have the wind in my ears again. I know I’m a bit big for the seats but for little journeys it is worth putting up with me lying in an awkward position. I suppose Shadow would fit in it better but no way am I giving her my little car.

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