Thursday 13th March 2014 – Oh dear

The smoke alarm is of course mains powered, which means that taking the battery out of it will simply mean that it goes off when my Mistress lights the fire and beeps all the rest of the time. She is now waiting for someone to give her some advice on how to solve the problem. It’s a shame. I’d moved my bed to the prime spot in front of the fire and had got quite settled, just watching the flames dancing round the logs. I’m sure we’ll get it all sorted eventually.

We have heard from some of the puppies. Cinderella, Cracker and Scout (Cuddles) are all doing well. They have had their second injections and are longing to be able to go out in public. Scout is still smaller than her sisters, but she is doing fine. Cinderella has mastered all the brain games she has been bought so far and is looking for something more difficult to move on to. She certainly doesn’t take after her mother in that respect. It’s funny Shadow is of moderate intelligence but she keeps having children that are very bright indeed – I can only assume it comes from their fathers, or given that they have different fathers it is some latent intelligence that has skipped a generation in Shadow.

We had a lovely walk yesterday. It’s the first time in many months that it has been dry enough to do my Mistress’s favourite walk. To be fair not just dry enough, but normally there is a traveller who lives there and much as my mistress likes talking to him, we don’t like talking to his dogs. We get a big fractious to put it mildly so my Mistress prefers not to go through the grief of taking us that way. Anyway, they are living at the other end of the village at the moment so we went up the hill in the sunshine and it was glorious. The daffodils were out and the sun was shining and it really felt like spring as I skipped along beside my Mistress. She doesn’t mind taking us one at a time when she can walk up there and enjoy being outdoors.

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