Sunday 16th March 2014 – Mental Cruelty

Sometimes I think the downsides of a decision outweigh the upsides. Of course I am looking forward to seeing my grandparents, but having to travel with a bag of dog treats at my feet is nothing short of cruel. When I say ‘a bag of dog treats’ I don’t mean a single bag you buy in the shop, I mean ‘a shopping bag’ filled with the bags you buy in the shop! That is a lot of dog treats and it has been made clear to me that they are not for me. I don’t suppose the others would notice if I just sneaked one or two out of the packs.

There is a downside too to the fireplace in the office. The office is toasty warm which means we all feel like having a nap at regular intervals. Obviously I feel like a nap on a regular basis anyway, now the gaps in between them are getting shorter. I even decided it was too warm in the basket nearest the fire and have moved a little further away. It was funny yesterday, my Mistress had planned to paint the fireboard behind the stove to match the wall, but she got over excited about having a fire and lit it before she remembered she needed it to be cold to paint! She went out and planted the squash instead and started to take some of the frost covers of the plants. We are in discussion about the tree I killed by peeing on it. It seems I may have to pay for a replacement out of my pocket money.

Annie’s puppies are doing well and gaining weight nicely. It is great the excitement of the people who will be having them go to live with them. We heard from Otto (Chekov) yesterday and he is very well. Did I tell you that Cosette has changed her name to Ellie? She was fed up with some of the abbreviations that people came up with for her real name. We like Ellie too though, so that’s ok. We’d rather she was happy.

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