Thursday 27th March 2014 – News of the Puppies

In the last day or so we’ve heard from Cinderella, Ellie (Cosette), Otis (Casanova) and Otto (Chekov) and they are all doing very well. Our darling little Otto seems to be suffering an allergic reaction on his tummy but is not complaining about it. Ellie, Cinderella and Otis posted photos of themselves and they are all looking rather splendid. Cinders is booked into her first show in June but says she has quite a bit to learn to be ready.

Very sadly, my mistress’s sister’s dog died yesterday so we are all feeling very sad for them as we know how much he meant. He was quite old, but it’s much the same as people really, it doesn’t matter how old they are or that they have had a good life, it is always hard to come to terms with. It’s a real shame that dogs live only a fraction of the time of humans. There ought to be some way that we really could be lifelong companions, but it wasn’t to be.

My Mistress has been looking at the pedigrees of dogs from different countries with a view to finding a puppy that is not related to Shadow or Queenie who between them have had 34 of the puppies in the UK and are immediately related to another 7 including themselves. Of the dogs who may be eligible to breed in the future there are at most 2 in the UK who are not directly related to them at the moment. She has got to the point where she is seeing pedigrees in her sleep and can almost recite the pedigrees of each dog from memory to five generations. Every so often she has a Eureka moment where she finds one that can be considered and then spends hours before she gets to the next. It is going to be a long process.

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