Monday 7th April 2014 – Unbearably Excited

Aristotle is unbearably excited about seeing Megan later this week. He has been asking if I think he looks his best and whether I think she will have missed him as much as he has missed her. I suppose the fact that, as things have turned out, she hasn’t yet got together with his father helps the way he feels. He had feared things might be awkward between them, but as Megan hasn’t come into season he’s got it into his head that she has been waiting for him. I didn’t like to point out that there wasn’t a whole lot he could do about it and theirs was always destined to be a more innocent affection. He’s hoping to meet his dad too and I’m just hoping he doesn’t say anything to his dad about his feelings about Megan as that might put his dad off when the time comes. Of course, given we’re dogs it probably won’t!

Once again I have put in a request for a new collar. I’m just hoping my Mistress will remember to go to the pet shop this time to buy one. It’s hard being left at home and then not even getting the present you hope for. I want another with Swiss flags on it, to match the special lead I have. I did have one but it broke.

We heard from Cinderella at the weekend. She has a touch of colitis. Get well soon Cinderella, we’re all thinking of you.

My Mistress is very excited about the journey tomorrow as they are stopping to see Tess who was one of Shadow’s puppies last year. It is the other thing that Ari is excited about as he and Tess were very close. They used to lie nose to nose either side of the pen bars so they could be together. All in all it’s quite a week for Aristotle.

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