Tuesday 8th April 2014 – Oh Dear

Poor Aristotle, one minute he is looking forward to seeing Megan more than anything and the next she comes into season and he may not get to see her at all. Her season is very late (about 2 months) – what are the chances it starts just at the point he is setting off to see her? It will now all depend in whether or not the specialist thinks it is ok for her to see our Mistress and Ari and then then whether she has already mated with Rino or not. If she has mated then they will be wanting to keep her as calm as possible and that is going to mean that she cannot see either Ari or my Mistress. It will all depend on how she progresses through the week. There was a minute when he thought he wasn’t going to be seeing Tess either, when my Mistress broke the news to my Master of what time this morning they would have to leave. To say he wasn’t best pleased was an understatement. In the end my Mistress managed to rearrange everything so they could leave an hour later. She is just hoping now that the traffic is not too bad so they can fit in a short visit to Tess before the crossing they have booked.

In the meantime my job here got a whole lot harder. In February we planted the parsnips and one of my jobs is to look after the plants while my Mistress is away. There was no sign of the parsnips coming through so my Mistress had reached the conclusion they had failed. Now that I’m in charge they have appeared! Help, I need to keep them alive. It’s funny how they all suddenly appear at the same time – two neat little rows of parsnips. I hope they don’t need to be spaced out before she comes home, my paws find jobs like that a bit too fiddly.

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