Thursday 8th May 2014 – Our ‘D’ Litter

Our ‘D’ litter will arrive in the next few days. Unlike the previous ones they will be delivered by Parcelforce and have Ikea as their parents . It was brought to my Mistress’s attention that Ikea are selling soft toys which look just like us. You know what she’s like, she had to have one… However, we live an hour’s drive from the nearest Ikea and it isn’t somewhere she normally passes. She found she could order one by post, but then she found the post cost was the same whether she ordered just one or a whole litter and you can guess the rest! This is what happens when she starts feeling broody. Shadow can’t have another litter for at least six months and Megan is in Switzerland and my Mistress is missing her. Consequently Dino, Donatello, D’Artagnan and Darcy will be arriving shortly. I think my Mistress is planning to get us all to pose for a ‘family’ shot! What is alarming is that in response to the toy being tested for safety, one of Ari’s brother’s humans said ‘that is more than can be said for the real thing’. I think that’s just plain mean. We’re perfectly safe although in another twist of irony, not only did Cinderella arrive just before midnight but she’s developed a bit of a shoe fetish. Don’t worry Cinders, you’ll find one that fits eventually – just look for the one made of glass! Do you think that there is a risk that we live up to the name we are given at birth? Obviously in the case of Casanova my Mistress is hoping so, but would Aristotle have been less intelligent if he’d been given a normal name? Would Cinders have been less keen on shoes and preferred dwarfs if she had been called Snow White? It does make you wonder.

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