Friday 23rd May 2014 – A fair weather dieter

It is all very well our Mistress setting out to monitor her activity and what she is eating, but if on the first day it rains she doesn’t want to walk so far and feels like eating more we are not going to get very far. This is England after all and the weather here is more usually a little on the variable side. She did take Shadow for a nice long walk, but she didn’t walk so fast. You’d think in the rain she would go faster but she claimed the extra clothing got in the way and without the sun she didn’t have so much bounce. To be fair she asked if I wanted to go out and I looked at the rain and said ‘You’re kidding me, right?’ and sloped off to find somewhere warm and comfortable to curl up. She did refuse to light a fire for me or put the central heating back on, which to be honest I thought was mean. It’s going to be wet today too, but Ari and I both have swimming so I think that going swimming will be her best bet too.

What was funny was that the programme she is using encourages her to drink more water too. She did but then when she went out she had to find a loo. I guess there are prices to pay for this health lark. Another downside was when she looked up how many calories there are in Fox’s Glacier Mints. They are to my Mistress a little like petrol is to a motor car. She seems to need them to run, but with 21 calories in every individual sweet she is going to have to choose between them and real food! She may need some help with that decision as I fear she might opt for the Glacier Mints!

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