Sunday 15th June 2014 – The good bits

I’ll skip over the overhead thunder storm that was the perfect end to my Mistress’s Friday 13th, there were some very good bits too. She managed to meet up with two writer friends and two friends she used to work with and has not seen for a long time. She says when she looks back it will be those bits she remembers and not the craziness, although I don’t think she will forget the craziness any time soon.  Then there was yesterday. A nice relaxing morning was followed by Meeting up with some of Shadow’s puppies at a place called Bere Wood.

Tucker and Dickens from the B litter and Cinderella from the C litter joined their big brother Aristotle and their Mum for a lovely walk. Ari was apparently very well behaved and unlike the others didn’t run into any of the mud and puddles. He didn’t let the side down in any way. He did a lot of running around, but said his leg was really hurting afterwards. My Mistress had to put him back on his lead so that he stopped being involved in all the chases, she hated doing it but hates him limping too. Dickens is very like his dad Binto-Sami. He is the same build and appearance as his dad. Tucker is more like Aristotle and his Mum’s side of the family. Dickens has already filled out in the chest but Tucker still has to broaden out. Cinderella is growing up beautifully and takes after her dad, Falk. By the time they got back to where they were staying they were both ready for their tea and a very long nap.  Being so tired was probably a good thing, seeing as my Master really wanted to watch the football.

I’ll bring you a photo from the meet when they get home.

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