Tuesday 17th June 2014 – Looking forward to Fun Day

Well I still can’t tell you what has caused the problem for my Mistress as it is not the simple thing that they could have found from the blood test. To be fair, with my Mistress, the likelihood of it being the easiest possibility was bound to be low. The funny thing is that she’s had to cancel an MRI scan on her hand because she doesn’t really fancy them injecting dye into her while she doesn’t know what is going on. There is just no pleasing some people. Now she has to wait for another hospital appointment to see if they can find out what is wrong.

It was odd yesterday having to settle down again into a group of three. It was clear that Shadow and Aristotle had been quite close over the weekend and then there was me. To be fair, Shadow was glad of some respite from being pestered by Ari so she at least was pleased to see me. Her season still has not started, which is really odd.

We are all looking forward to the Fun Day on Saturday. There could be as many as ten dogs there. Now while that doesn’t sound many, it is for our breed. There are not so many in the North of the country so getting that many together will be wonderful. There will be a couple of dogs from other breeds too, including the Bernese that Ari was really taken with. I know I’m not a great one for socialising but even I am looking forward to some of it. Shadow is looking forward to seeing a couple of her children that she hasn’t seen for a while, one from her last litter and one who is Ari’s full brother. It will be funny to see the two of them together after quite a while of not seeing each other.

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  1. Addie says:

    Wish we were going to the Fun Day but my human, Kathryn, is still quite poorly with the flu. Although she’s been home a lot she’s not been any fun at all.

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