Saturday 30th August 2014 – Upstaged

TuckerWe were upstaged by Tucker yesterday. We all remembered to wish our Mistress a happy birthday but Tucker, one of Shadow’s puppies from her second litter, went one better and made a notice to hang round his neck for a photo to send to her. Ari and he are so similar it’s almost scary. I’m sure he won’t mind us showing you. He and Ari are very similar even though they have different dads. They are both equally naughty as well, which we are blaming on Shadow. His humans say his photo looks like a police one, but I don’t think he’s done anything quite that bad yet! Heaven forbid that the two of them should spend very much time together. You would think turning 49 is bad enough, but my Mistress is already making a list of things she could do for her 50th birthday next year and I’m pleased to say she seems to have got her priorities right as she’s thinking of things that can include us.

Shadow is still improving and is strong enough to have arguments again. The problem is that she has been in my bed in the office all week and I’d rather hoped to have it back. She is not so keen. At one point she was in the other room so that I could have a little peace but she just howled and made a nuisance of herself and wouldn’t stop until I gave the bed up. We reached a sort of compromise in the afternoon with her lying curled round the wheels of my Mistress’s chair and me in the bed. It meant that my Mistress couldn’t change position and having her that close I didn’t completely relax either!

I did have quite a nice time swimming yesterday. Without Ari there to wind me up it was rather more relaxed. I’m doing rather well and would almost be prepared to say I don’t mind going now.

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