Tuesday 23rd September 2014 – A photo

Entlebucher Fun Day 013 croppedI promised I’d bring you one of Shadow’s photos and here it is. Shadow is in the middle of six of her children. From left to right are Cinderella, Dora, Basil, Shadow, Aristotle, Ellie and Dickens. They look very good, but don’t tell Shadow I said that, it will go to her head. My Mistress sent a copy of the picture to the fathers of the puppies. I hope they understand her email as she wrote it in German herself, which is quite ambitious for her. She says she knows over 500 words now, but she’s a very long way from being fluent.

I’m pleased to say that in response to the temperature dropping, and my Mistress not being able to type because her hands we so cold, she has relented and lit a fire. It means the office is all toasty warm, a fact that was not wasted on me and Shadow, but the rest of the house is very cold. Ari said he preferred the cold, which I think was only because he’d been told off for jumping on me, and he sat in the other room. My Mistress was a little alarmed that he was out of her sight, not because she likes to be close but because she was worried what he might be up to and had visions of him using my Master’s computer and setting up a blog of his own to complain about being told off. You just never know with that dog, he’s way too clever for all our good.

My Mistress’s car was at the garage yesterday having new brakes fitted. She says it will be good next time she is in Switzerland not having them making a really bad noise on the tight curves down the hills. She said she was a bit worried what was going to happen next and if they were going to give up altogether, which would have been a very serious problem. Now however, all should be well, which is good as it will be snowy on her next trip.

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