Wednesday 19th November 2014 – Happy Birthday Bs

Today is Shadow’s B litter’s birthday, so happy 2nd birthday to Basil (Beethoven), Tucker (Bosanova), Dickens (Bumble), Beija and Tess (Britannia) from all of us. I can’t believe it’s been 2 years since you all arrived, how time flies. We hope you are all doing something nice to celebrate. I know Ari is planning to provide updates on a couple of you this weekend so I’m looking forward to hearing what you’ve all been up to.

Last night was the last rehearsal for the village pantomime. The performances start tomorrow night so if they don’t know their lines it’s a bit late now. It was funny between the two dress rehearsals on Sunday to have our Master and Mistress coming home in their make up. At least my Master did not look quite as evil as he has done in the past, while I think my Mistress rather likes her native American look, not so much that she will continue it once the pantomime is over, but enough for the two weeks she will have to look like that. Thankfully so far Shadow hasn’t come into season so there is no conflict there. As long as she waits another week at least my Mistress will breathe a big sigh of relief. She doesn’t think Shadow will start until at least the beginning of December, but she will be on standby to go anytime from then. That would be equal to Shadow’s shortest ever season – although given the last one was her longest ever, you just never know!

My sister Dora, who we’re hoping to have a puppy from next year, has a new website I was very excited when I looked at it as there’s a lovely picture of me from when I visited her this year. I’m hoping that it’s me who will go to the Netherlands on my Mistress’s next trip which will be in May, but I’ve got to wait to see.

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