Sunday 23rd November 2014 – An update on Beija, and the mouse.

Ari here:

Oh there’s so much to tell you. Alfie is going to be so cross that I get all the exciting stuff, but Beijait is his own fault. First an update on my sister Beija. I told you about Dickens yesterday, well Beija is Dickens full sister from Shadow’s B litter, so she’s 2 years old too. She hoped to move to Switzerland as a breeding dog originally but her tail is too curly so she has been able to live the life of leisure of a pet. This is what her family say about her –Molly is their other dog:

The most loving and needy dog we have ever come across, she is inseparable from our daughter – they are the best of friends

Molly now quite likes having her around – it’s fun watching them rabbit together and dig up moles, not quite so funny when they are successful!

Beija is a good guard dog, but only if she has “back up” i.e. Molly is around!

She sounds like a true Entlebucher. She’s got into a couple of nasty scrapes too, so she sounds like my kind of girl. She cut her paw badly on barbed wire when she was chasing rabbits, but the worst was when she was really ill from eating Macadamia nuts. I didn’t know they were poisonous to dogs until she told me. I’m going to make sure I don’t make that mistake. We’re really glad you recovered Beija!

And now the pantomime mouse. When everyone arrived on Friday night to get ready for the performance it had been busy again. Thankfully this time it had left my Master’s hat alone, but it had been having a serious nibble of the crocodile costume. It had had a little nibble at one of the props our Mistress uses too, but that wasn’t so serious. There were bits of crocodile filling all over the floor. We’re waiting to see which one it selected after the Friday performance was over!

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