Sunday 30th November 2014 – Ellie (Cosette)

EllieMy little sister Ellie is one of the C litter too (As well as Cinders who I told you about yesterday!) Her humans were going to keep her name as Cosette, but people kept abbreviating it to things they didn’t like so they sat down with her and asked what she’d like to be called and she said ‘Ellie’. I think it rather suits her. As you can see from the photo, she’s really excited about her first Christmas. She wasn’t born until the 28th December last year so she just missed out on Santa coming. I don’t think she’s planning to miss out this year!

This is what her humans have said about her:

Ellie is fantastic! She is friendly, bouncy and fun and has recently discovered her cuddly side. Every evening she climbs up on my lap and goes to sleep it is so sweet! She is a noisy little thing but not quite so noisy as her sister Cinders from what I have been told! She is a very social and mischievous puppy! Only last week she escaped from her crate and destroyed our lounge again, looking all innocent when she was caught! She spends a couple of hours a week at a neighbour’s house and terrorises her Westies. What is funny is that the neighbour prepares proper nice food for her dogs (fresh chicken etc) and leaves it on the side in her kitchen – the Westies are not big enough to reach but Ellie is and she polished off their breakfast and dinner in a few mouthfuls!

She really does sound like a girl after my own heart, particularly with the counter surfing, which it sounds as though she is very good at. Go Ellie! We should get together and see what we could do between us.

Before I finish today, you’ll be pleased to hear the Pantomime mouse had struck again on Friday night and had been nibbling one of the costumes. I’m waiting to hear if it came out to take a bow on the last night, or whether it did a curtesy!

Lots of love


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