Sunday 14th December 2014 – My brother Otis

Ari here again,

Otis 1I think Otis is a pretty cool name, at least you won’t have everyone asking how to spell it or calling you ‘Harry’ by mistake. Anyway, readers, Otis was originally christened Casanova as we’re really hoping he’ll go on to be a stud dog. I know he might not be so keen on wearing his ‘Santa’s Helper’ Christmas costume, but I think he’ll find the ladies like it! Even I have to admit he’s looking pretty handsome in it. Anyway, here’s what his humans say about him.

‘Our little man is getting on great… Otis is a happy, energetic, playful boy, who is friendly toOtis 2 everyone he meets… He loves his cuddles and will always be by your side to show he cares… We love him to bits!

I hope his sisters and brother are getting on as well as Otis… He really is a joy!’

Well isn’t that great. It doesn’t sound as though you get up to enough mischief though, Otis, although fair dos, I did spot on Facebook that you’ve chewed a Christmas gift so there’s obviously still time for your naughty streak to develop. Having said that, our Mistress said you were pretty good as a young puppy and she reckons she’s got a pretty good idea of character long before you leave here. Having said that, she thought I was going to be good and gentle and kind rather than the bad ass puppy  I like to think I grew into… just kidding!

Rumour has it a tree may be appearing in our house today and I’m going to help decorate it. I’ve asked if I can put the star on the top, which will make it officially the Dog Star. I don’t do angels, they’re for girls!

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