Sunday 21st December 2014 – Scout and waving goodbye to Mum

ScoutWell today’s update is about my little sister Scout. She was called Cuddles when she was born and was the smallest of the C litter. She was incredibly cute when she was little and everyone fell in love with her. She is the only dog we know who doesn’t have a good sense of smell. This is what her humans say about her now:

Scout was the smallest and not a big eater but has turned a corner with her eating and now eats really well. She has a lot of energy and enjoys her walks on our local beach and has lots of playmates there. She learnt how to swim a few months ago and is quite an adventurer having travelled down the Outer Hebrides with the family in our campervan. She really enjoysScout 2 being in the mountains and bounding around in long grass the most. Her sense of smell makes me laugh as you can put a piece of chicken under her nose and you usually have to help her find it.

The picture was taken on Hen Mountain, Mountains of Mourne, Country Down, Northern Ireland.

Back here the car is packed and our Mistress and Shadow are ready to set off. The winter tyres are on the car, the snow chains are in, the snow shovel is packed – the funny thing is that the weather has been warm there too so I don’t think she’s going to need any of them! I just hope that she has thought of everything. I know I’m going to mope after they’ve gone. I won’t have my playmate or the human I love most in the whole world. I know they’ll come back but it’s going to feel like a very long few days for this little puppy.

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  1. I know how it is, Alfie. I mope when the human I love most in the world is out of sight.

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